Maine’s Changing Winter

021617_AK_DSC_0546Maine does not currently have a coordinated framework to maximize and strengthen expertise in winter ecology and the importance of changing winter hydrology on natural resources and Maine’s economy. Thus, our goal with this seed grant funded by the Maine WRRI was to formally develop a collaborative group of researchers and resource managers working throughout Maine to advance understanding of winter hydrology and ecology across Maine’s seasonally snow-covered landscape. The primary function of this project was to coordinate efforts by convening a winter ecology workshop that would facilitate development of a research and management agenda to improve our understanding in this emerging field. The group of workshop attendees in February 2018 included researchers and professionals from three University of Maine System campuses, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), and the US Geological Survey (USGS), who are interested in developing an interdisciplinary focus on a changing winter and the impacts on Maine’s freshwaters, wildlife, and natural resource based economy. Coordination among scientists and resource managers in this project is engaging other stakeholders interested in addressing priorities identified by this effort. Research arising from these collaborations will provide greater understanding of how Maine’s changing winters will influence (a) freshwater systems; (b) forest systems; (c) wildlife; and (d) human activities including recreation; all of which have significant impacts on Maine’s economy.


Team members: 

Sarah J. Nelson (lead), University of Maine, School of Forest Resources and Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Kaizad Patel, University of Maine

Erik Blomberg, University of Maine

Mindy Crandall, University of Maine

Ivan Fernandez, University of Maine

Hamish Greig, University of Maine

Jean MacRae, University of Maine

Karen Wilson, University of Southern Maine

Julia Daly, University of Maine–Farmington

Glenn Hodgkins, Robert Dudley,  US Geological Survey, Maine Water Science Center

Amanda Shearin – Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

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